Fixed Deposit (FD) Calculator for Calculating Maturity Amount

The Fixed Deposit (FD) Calculator is one of the most useful tool for those people who are looking for investing in Fixed Deposit. The FD Calculator is easy to operate and gives all the information you want within a few seconds. Nowadays, all banks and financial companies provide various schemes on Fixed Deposit. But the investors can not decided which FD option is more beneficial to them with help of FD Calculator Online. The Fixed Deposit Calculator can be used for calculating the FD Maturity Value of any bank be it SBI, HDFC, ICICI, etc since only the default fields in the calculator would need to be changed.

How to Calculate Fixed Deposit Maturity Amount?

The FD Calculator will calculate Maturity Amount, Interest Income at the end of fixed deposit tenure (period), Quarter wise, Year wise Interest Earning and much more. All you need to do is just put (enter) some key details about the Fixed Deposit option you want to analyse in the FD Calculator Online. After that you just need to click on Calculate button to proceed. Within just 03 to 05 Seconds, the FD Calculator will show all the details on your device screen.

Fixed deposit Calculator

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What is maturity amount?

If You deposit a sum of Rs. at Rate of Interest % per annum compounded quarterly for Months.

Total Investment :
Wealth Gained:

How to Use FD Calculator Online?

The FD Calculator will ask some simple information to help you count Fixed Deposit Interest and Maturity Amount. The key details you need to provide are as follows.

  • Fixed Deposit Amount
  • Fixed Deposit Time Period (Months)
  • Rate of Interest on FD

Please fill up the above details without error in FD Calculator.

What is fixed deposit?

Fixed Deposit (FD) is a financial instrument offered by Indian banks / financial institutes. It is the most reliable and secured investment method. You can deposit a lump sum of amount for a specific period at a higher rate of interest than savings accounts. You will get the principal amount and interest at the end of the terms.

Interest Rates on Fixed Deposit

The interest rate of FD Calculator ranges between 5% to 10% and generally, A higher rate of interest depends on larger deposits and longer maturity terms.

An investor must check before choosing a Fixed Deposit Scheme i.e. Method of Counting Interest. People often check the Rate of Interest on FD, but forget to know whether it is Simple Interest or Compound Interest. Because, Simple Interest is counted on Principal Amount for whole FD Period, while the Compound Interest is counted on Closing Balance of Previous Year/Half Year/Quarter/Interest Count Duration. Compound Interest is usually more beneficial among two or more FD Schemes when the Rate of Interest are similar.

What is the maturity date of fixed deposit?

The tenure period is range between 14 days to 10 years generally. It differs from bank to bank

how to calculate fixed deposit interest?

If you are looking for an fixed deposit interest formula to know a maturity amount, here is the exact Compound Interest formula that can be used for calculating interest.

The formula to calculate interest amount:

Maturity Amount = P*(1+r/n) ^ (n * t)

			P for Principal amount
			r for Rate of Interest on FD
			n for Compounding Frequency of Interest (Yearly/Monthly/Half Yearly/Quarterly)
			t for Fixed Deposit Time Period (Years)

If You deposit a sum of Rs 50,000 at Rate of Interest 6% per annum (compounded quarterly) for 5 years.

The principal amount deposit is Rs 50,000 in a Fixed Deposit account ,

Interest Rate is 6% per annum,

Number of compounding in a year is 4 i.e. 1 every quarter,

Fixed Deposit tenure is 5 years,

Maturity Amount = 50,000*(1+0.06/4) ^ (4*5),

Maturity Amount = Rs 67,343,

Interest amount = Rs 67,343 - Rs 50,000 = Rs 17,343,

How it is useful to Investors, FD Calculator Online

The investors, depositors can save their time and money by taking a little help of Fixed Deposit Calculator. It is also useful to compare the FD Schemes available at various Banks and Financial Companies. The depositors can use the FD Calculator Online for New FD as well as for Renewal of Old FD.

When a person thinks of saving money for a certain period of time, Fixed Deposit is one of the best option available in Indian Market. But there are hundreds of banks and financial companies which offer variety of Fixed Deposit Schemes. So the problem is How to Find out Best FD Scheme from the available alternatives. At such time, you can visit our website to get assistance to choose the Best FD Scheme for you.

With help of FD Calculator, you can compare the Fixed Deposit Schemes offered for different banks for same period. As a result, you will be able to recognize the most suitable FD Scheme/Plan as per your requirements.

The Fixed Deposit Account is always for a certain period of time. The Banking or Financial Companies offer Fixed Deposit Scheme with pre-decided time period (Tenure). So the depositors have two options when the FD period gets over. Either they can withdraw the FD Maturity Amount or they can reinvest it again. When the depositor decides to reinvest the money, he/she must use FD Calculator Online.

The FD Calculator will help you to know whether you should renew you Old Fixed Deposit Account or you need to get a New One. Just enter the necessary details in FD Calculator Online to check the Interest Income/Earning and Maturity Amount for both alternatives to reach to the conclusion. Choose the FD Account option which gives you more return at the time of Maturity.

Online FD Calculator is helps you to check your Fixed deposit maturity amount and interest for SBI, Axis, icici, indusind, HDFC.