Find Micr Code by Branch

Here You can search Micr code with branch. The Micr code is given by the Reserve Bank of India to all banks for identification of each branch. Everyone knows their bank branch. If you know the branch name then you can easily find the IFSC and MICR. For that, fill the form given below and click submit. You will get Bank Name, Branch,IFSC, MICR, Address, Contact Number

Yes, you can find Micr Code with the branch. You should only know the branch name for this.

  • Select the bank from the dropdown list which you require the Micr Code.
  • Type the Bank Branch.
  • Click the SUBMIT button.

Search Micr Code by Branch.

All Bank Micr code List

After Jan Dhan Yojana, everyone has a bank account. Everyone uses banking services. Then you must have heard the name of your MICR code. If you haven't heard, let us know Recently a case of check fraud was registered in Mumbai. The thieves had planned to cheat the bank by making fake checks, but their theft was caught due to MICR code.

What is MICR Code?

Reserve Bank of India (RBI) introduced the MICR code in India for the first time in 1980 for safe and effective transactions. This character-recognition technology helped to make the check clearing system effective and secure and prevent fraud. MICR code is an essential part of check clearing. It is unique to each branch and can be read by humans.

MICR is an abbreviation of the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. MICR code consists of 9 digits that are written under the check leaf. The first three digits are of the city code, the next three digits represent the bank code and the last three digits indicate the branch code. These characters are read using a special machine and can also be read by humans. MICR code helps to make check processing simple and fast. Each branch of a bank has a specific MICR code that helps RBI identify a branch of the bank.

This character-recognition technology mainly uses two MICR fonts.

1)CMC7:- It consists of 5 characters and 10 digits. It is used by the countries of Europe, South America.

2)E13B:- It consists of a symbol and 10 decimal digits. This font is used around the world.

Magnetic inks with iron oxide are used to print these fonts on paper. The MICR code is scanned by the MICR reader to check the authenticity of the document.

How do I know my bank MICR CODE?

  • printed on the Cheque leaf
  • The first page of the passbook contains all bank account details including the bank Micr code.
  • The Micr code is printed on the monthly statement sent by the bank
  • Go to your bank branch where the account has been opened.

Decoding the MICR code

The MICR code contains 9 figures. 1 to 3 digits is the city code in which the bank branch is located. The bank code is from 4 to 6 digits. The remaining three digits are the branch code.

Find Ifsc Code, Micr Code with Branch name. Just follow the simple steps below to get the Micr code, MICR Code, Branch address, contact of all indian banks.