Search Branch details by IFSC Code

Here You can Search Branch details by IFSC Code. Just enter below information step by step. IFSC code stands for Indian Financial System Code, this code is a unique eleven-digit alphanumeric code that is used for online money transfer transactions via NEFT, RTGS and IMPS.

Search Branch by IFSC Code.

What is a IFSC Code for Bank?

Bank IFSC code means Indian Financial System Code, Bank IFSC code is a unique 11 digit alpha-numeric code. Bank IFSC code is used for online fund transfer transactions via NEFT, RTGS, IMPS and State Bank of India MICR Code used on cheque leaves. The main motive of Bank IFSC Code is to make internet banking simple and safe.

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Bank IFSC Code Format.

The IFSC code is SBIN0001582.

1st 4 alphabetic characters represent the name of Bank.

5th character is 0 (reserved for any further use)

And last 6 characters represent the branch Code.

What Is Bank IFSC Code, MICR Code & SWIFT Code

Bank IFSC Code means Indian Financial System Code, it's a unique 11 digit alpha-numeric code. MICR means the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition. Every bank branch has a unique IFSC and MICR. it helps rbi to track all the bank branches in India. IFSC code required for fund transfer and MICR Code used on cheque leaves. This system is made only for domestic use in India.

IFSC Codes are used by no.of banking institutions in India to carry out RTGS and NEFT transfers. IFSC India Codes are also used for streamlining and identifying monetary transactions between different bank branches and accounts. For these listed bank branches that are participating in NEFT or RTGS you can check the IFSC Codes.

The SWIFT is short form for Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication and BIC is Bank Identifier Code. This is also known as BIC code or SWIFT-BIC code. And it is mainly used for internationall money transfer. It was approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) under ISO 9362.

How to search for the IFSC Code ?

If you don't know your Bank IFSC Code, it doesn't matter. I will tell you how you can find it in the simplest way. on my website, anybody can easily and quickly search all Indian Bank IFSC Codes. Just follow the simple steps to get the IFSC code.

Here is the easiest way for you to find the IFSC code and Branches of any bank in India. Our IFSC Code Search Engine gives the easiest way to find IFSC Code for Banks in India. The search engine starts with the Bank name which makes easy to locate the bank and IFSC code you are looking for. Further you can search the IFSC code and Bank branch by District name, State name, City name and Branch name. It helps to locate all 1,41,540 bank branches of 230 banks and IFSC codes in India. So use this IFSC code search engine to locate IFSC code and bank branch of any bank in India.

1.) Select the bank from the dropdown list which you require the IFSC Code.

2.) Select the State Name from the dropdown list.

3.) And choose the City Name from the dropdown list.

4.) Now select the Branch Name where the bank is located.

Find IFSC code by Bank Account Number?

Yes, you can find the IFSC code with the account number. The step is very easy with few selections from the dropdowns. You should only know the Bank name and bank account number for this.

1.) Select the bank whose code you are looking for.

2.) Type the first 5 digits of your bank account number.

3.) Click the SUBMIT button.

Another way to find Bank IFSC Codes.

1.) MICR code, FSC Code is available on the Cheque leaf.

Search Branch details by IFSC Code

2.) On bank official website and RBI website will get a complete list of Bank IFSC Codes.

3.) On your bank passbook’s first page.


4.) Call bank customer care - bank ifsc inquiry.

Find all banks Branch details by IFSC Code. Just follow the simple steps below to get the Branch details of indian bank.